Empowering HR Teams
to focus on
what really matters.

Deliver significant efficiencies & valuable employee experiences through intelligently automating repetitive manually intensive HR tasks with Conversational AI Assistants.

Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying conversational interfaces for People Teams. Humley deploys Intelligent Automation technologies, including Natural Language Processing, AI, and Machine Learning, to deliver 24/7 Conversational Assistants to enterprises resulting in operational efficiencies and improved HR and employee experiences.

Enabling the rapid deployment of Conversational AI Assistants for enterprise

30% time saving for HR Teams

Increase productivity through automating the number of repetitive tasks involved with processing communications & requests received by HR teams.

80% of requests automated

Humley’s prebuilt HR solution provides all the most common HR experiences out of the box.

60 minutes to set up a use case

Our straightforward tooling allows your experts to set up, integrate, test and refine experiences quickly and easily, no coding required.

Meaningful & effective employee responses in an average of 2 seconds


Transform your HR function with an Intelligent Conversational AI Assistant

Significantly Improve HR Satisfaction & Impact

Average 20 - 30% time saving.
Enable People Teams to focus on more rewarding and strategic initiatives such as training and recruitment through automating the processing of HR communications & requests.

Enhanced Employee

Efficiently and effectively communicate with employees wherever they are in the world. Improve employee engagement through accuracy of decision making & 24/7 access through multiple user channels (digital & voice).

Scale on Demand

Humley's HR Conversational AI Assistant enables leaders to scale up their operations on demand without placing additional pressure on existing teams or requiring recruitment.

Rapid ROI

Humley’s platform is 300% faster to deploy than other leading chatbot providers, enabling rapid ROI . Our intelligent AI-powered Octavo solution automates set up so that you can provide complex HR conversational experiences without the manual labour.

Enhanced Employee

Gain greater insights into employees with prebuilt dashboards and reports, tracking all the metrics that you need - FAQs triggered, user feedback, human interaction, and progress.

No Hidden IT or
Developer Costs

Humley takes the complexity out of AI, utilising best of breed technology to create a no code approach for users. This means rapid deployment and enables HR knowledge experts to focus on building meaningful conversations.

Enable your People Teams to focus
on tasks that really matter

HR professionals are invaluable to an organisation because of their unique oversight into an organisation - they have both an understanding of the business' strategic priorities but also have the ability to influence the future of the company based on the  decisions they make. 

Yet, their roles are bogged down with daily repetitive administration tasks, taking valuable time away from focusing on strategic initiatives which support the company’s objectives such as training and certification pathways for employees and building a pipeline of high quality job candidates.

Humley - HR Automation
Humley HR reduces the amount of repetitive administration tasks People Teams handle and automates the processing of  80% of common employee questions and HR tasks and processes. Free up People Teams to deliver true value to the organisations.
Deliver great employee experiences

Retaining and ensuring employee satisfaction is essential for any organisation, particularly as teams start to work more remotely. Organisations need to create consistency across their workforce to ensure not only engagement and productivity, but also compliance. 

People Teams are, therefore, tasked with ensuring that employees across the organisation are communicated with efficiently and effectively wherever they are in the world. This can often be challenging for HR Professionals and employees alike because of the multitude of systems and sources of information that they must navigate in order to get the information required - taking valuable time away from other higher value tasks.

Humley HR, enables teams to communicate with employees 24/7 around the world and across multiple channels. Providing employees with instant access to information and updates - ensuring compliance, consistency, higher levels of engagement and workforce productivity. 
Deliver great employee experiences

Ready to deploy solutions to automate your
HR processes

Humley’s prebuilt HR solution provides all the common HR experiences out of the box and integrates into 90% of the most common HR software providers.

This combined with Humley’s automated AI powered setup means that the solution can be delivered customised and  to your business in minutes. 

HR Experiences Humley support:

Employee Engagement:

Streamline employee engagement process through automating engagement tasks and communications. This enables HR Teams to focus on more strategic tasks leading to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. 

Employee Wellness

Recognition & Benefits

Grievance Handling

Employee Feedback

HR Administration:

Automate the handling of these communications and requests, enabling HR teams to achieve an average 30% time saving - freeing them up to complete high value tasks, but also improving productivity across the workforce.

Annual Leave Requests


FAQs & Policy Queries

Payroll & Bonus Information

Time Sheet Management

Desk & Meeting Room Booking

Employee Information Requests


Enable HR Teams to streamline tasks involved with recruitment, providing visibility of data and decision-making criteria, significantly reducing the time to recruit and cost per hire.

Interview Screening

CV Submission

Candidate Review & Approvals


More than your average
chatbot ...

Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying enterprise HR Conversational AI Assistants that enhances your employee experiences and delivers operational efficiency for organisations through the provision of 24/7 AI powered speech and text-based assistants.

Humley HR, takes away the complexity of Conversational AI and enables HR Teams to focus on what really matters to them –performing more rewarding strategic tasks and delivering true business value.

Out of the box HR interactions – ready to deploy or customise

Fully Integrated – Humley HR Assistant has the most comprehensive integration of 3rd party HR vendor solutions - Sage, Oracle, Zoho, Workday, BambooHR, SAP and many more

Multi- channel Support – Webchat, Voice and Messaging

Personalised and natural chat functions to suit your business needs designed to enhance engagement

Fast & Automatic setup

13 Languages supported and growing

Knowledge search – retrieval of information and documents from internal and external systems and website

Task Automation and management

Best of breed Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

User friendly and simple to use tooling


Deliver your conversations faster and better.

Meaningful conversations, powerful AI. Deployed in days.


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