Empowering HR Teams
to focus on
what really matters.

Enhance employee experience & free up your HR Experts to focus on higher value tasks with 24/7 Digital AI Assistants.


Deliver significant efficiencies & unlock ROI fast

Humley HR Digital Assistant is a ready to deploy & fully integrated conversational interface for People Teams, employees and managers. Enable users to ask questions, make requests and perform tasks on demand, 24/7 across any channel.

30% Time Savings for HR Teams

Increase productivity through automating the processing of communications & requests received by HR teams.

80% of Communications Automated

Humley’s prebuilt HR Assist provides all the most common employee and manager HR interactions out of the box – ready to use or customise.

60 Minutes to Set Up a Use Case

Our straightforward tooling allows your experts to set up, integrate, test and refine experiences quickly and easily, no coding or technical expertise required.


Transform HR with Digital AI Assistants

Significantly Improve Productivity

Average 20 - 30% time saving.
Enable People Teams to focus on more rewarding and strategic initiatives such as training and recruitment through automating the processing of HR communications & requests.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Efficiently and effectively communicate with employees wherever they are in the world. Improve employee engagement through accuracy of decision making & 24/7 access through multiple user channels (digital & voice).

Scale on Demand

Humley's HR Conversational AI Assistant enables leaders to scale up their operations on demand without placing additional pressure on existing teams or requiring recruitment.

Rapid ROI

Humley’s platform is 300% faster to deploy than other leading chatbot providers, enabling rapid ROI . Our intelligent AI-powered Octavo solution automates set up so that you can provide complex HR conversational experiences without the manual labour.

Enhanced Employee Insights

Gain greater insights into employees with prebuilt dashboards and reports, tracking all the metrics that you need - FAQs triggered, user feedback, human interaction, and progress.

Improved Compliance

Automatic ingestion of FAQs and policy documents means employees can access the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it. Leading to greater awareness and compliance across the organisation.


Supporting employees at every stage of their lifecycle

Humley’s ready to deploy HR solution, comes pre-configured with all of the common employee and candidate HR interactions – speeding up response times, improving candidate quality, retention, engagement and enhancing the employee experience.  

Humley HR Assistant is the employee gateway to the business, the first and second port of call for all information and requests.

HR experiences Humley automate:


More than your average chatbot ...

Out of the box HR interactions – ready to deploy or customise

Fully Integrated – Humley HR Assistant has the most comprehensive integration of 3rd party HR vendor solutions - Sage, Oracle, Zoho, Workday, BambooHR, SAP and many more

Multi- channel Support – Webchat, Voice and Messaging

Personalised and natural chat functions to suit your business needs designed to enhance engagement

Fast & Automatic setup

13 Languages supported and growing

Knowledge search – retrieval of information and documents from internal and external systems and website

Task Automation and management

Best of breed Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

User friendly and simple to use tooling

Meaningful conversations, powerful AI. Deployed in days.


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