August 12, 2020

October Highlights

The team has been working hard to bring you some new and exciting features to Humley Studio. We've got several new additions we can't wait to tell you about.

Component Flow Module - Having created thousands of flows, we know that sometimes you'll find yourself needing to reuse similar modules over and over again. To help make this easier, we have created Components. Adding a Component module into the flow editor, you now can create reusable flow snippets that you can drop into any experience. Just like flows, you can capture information from your users, take action for them via integrations and lead them down different paths depending on what they say. However, you can reuse a Component in multiple flows at the click of a button. This means you can save time recreating the experiences you know are already working and more time to focus on what's next for your conversational experience.

To get started with Components, visit our documentation to learn more:

Templates - We get it. Configuring integrations for your favourite APIs can take a while. Here at Humley, we're focussed on creating a platform that not only allows you to create an awesome experience but allows you to do so faster than any of our competitors.

To help you bring the systems you know and love into a conversational experience, we created Templates. Out of the box you can now use UiPath and Mailjet, and soon, many more top API providers, across hundreds of industries to create a conversation that not only understands your users but provides a complete and actionable experience.

Token-Based Authentication - To provide you with more flexibility when integrating APIs into your conversational experience, you can now use token-based authentication within your Humley Studio integrations.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to revealing further additions later this month.

- The Humley Team


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