August 12, 2020

February Highlights

The team has been working hard to bring new and exciting features to Humley Studio. We have several new additions we can't wait to tell you about.

Conversation API Channel - At Humley, we will be bringing you new channels to allow your assistant to communicate in more places than ever. To improve consistency, we have moved where you manage your access to the Conversation API. Previously, they were found on the project details page, but now you can access your Conversation API details via the Channels page. Select the Conversation API channel to access your username & password and get started with integrating a unique experience for your conversational AI.

Simplified User Invitations - We've simplified how you invite new users to your tenancy. Tenancy Admins now can invite new users and add them to projects much more efficiently. Using Humley as a team has never been simpler.

Import/Export Credentials - To access our intent management APIs, you now need to create a password to get started. We've also added additional security layers surrounding password storage, keeping you and your project safer.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to revealing our latest additions later this month.

- The Humley Team


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